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We're happy to present a seminar for workers with the aim of expanding our understanding of Islam. This seminar will focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of using and understanding language associated with Islam, understanding the doctrines of Islam that contribute to typical responses to hearing the Good News, and how we can better share with our neighbours linguistically and doctrinally speaking.

This seminar will be given by a former Muslim who has been doing ministry for 10 years in Turkey, has taken advanced education in Islam and continues to study the doctrines of Islam.
Seminar content will include:
History of Islam,

Life of Muhammed,
Denominations of Islam,
Forms of worship in Islam,
Prophecy in Islam, the Bible in Islam.
Practical topics will include :
Sharing the Gospel with Muslims, Praying with Muslims, being a friend and neighbor to Muslims.

For more details or hosting a seminar please contact us: 

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